6 Feb 2010

Rails 3 Beta Ready with Merb Goodness

Author: ceefour | Filed under: Rails

What do you get when the power of Ruby on Rails is combined with flexibility of Merb web framework? Rails 3 of course!

We have a very happy news: Rails 3 Beta is ready for testing. The improvements are numerous: ActiveRecord, ActionController, ActionView, and ActionMailer, ActiveSupport have all been redesigned. ActiveRecord got pimped with ActiveRelation scoped queries.

Some components have been refactored into their own: ActionDispatch, ActiveModel. Even better, all components can be used alone and you don’t have to require the entire Rails framework.

Rails is now not only Rack compatible, but subcomponents of Rails, like routing, are Rack middlewares.

Not to mention better dependency management system called Bundler, and improved performance especially on ActionView.

Read more detailed explanation on Yehuda Katz’s post:

Will you upgrade to Rails 3?

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