14 Dec 2009

NetBeans IDE 6.8 Released — with Enhanced Ruby on Rails Support!

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sbres 1260822883 0   NetBeans IDE 6.8 Released    with Enhanced Ruby on Rails Support!

NetBeans IDE version 6.8 has been released, Sun Microsystems’ newest flagship programming environment. Primarily targeted at Java programmers, NetBeans also sports a very polished IDE for Ruby on Rails developers.

New NetBeans 6.8 features and improvements for Ruby on Rails include:

  • Upgraded bundled JRuby to 1.4

  • Ruby 1.9 debugging support

  • Run/Debug File with arguments

  • Support for running/debugging files that are not part of a project

  • Improved handling of inherited methods in rename refactoring

  • Possibility to specify arguments for Rails servers

  • Navigation support for ActiveRecord associations

  • RSpec 1.2.9 support

  • Faster and more accurate type inference

  • Improved navigation for accessor methods created by attr, attr_accessor and attr_reader

  • Support for creating Rails 2.3.4 apps with dispatchers

sbres 1260822883 1   NetBeans IDE 6.8 Released    with Enhanced Ruby on Rails Support!

  • Ability to uninstall a specific gem version.

sbres 1260822883 2   NetBeans IDE 6.8 Released    with Enhanced Ruby on Rails Support!

  • Type assertions for method return types, use  :return:=> (type) in the method’s rdoc, e.g.: #:return:=>String

sbres 1260822883 3   NetBeans IDE 6.8 Released    with Enhanced Ruby on Rails Support!

Other improvements include:

Database/SQL Improvements

  • Database integration: Code completion in SQL Editor now also for DELETE, DROP, UPDATE statements, and for reserved keywords

Embedded Browser

  • There is a brand new embedded browser based on Mozilla XULRunner available on Update Center for MS Windows.

  • The Browser is disabled by default. To enable it use Tools > Options and select ‘Embedded Mozilla Browser’ as Web Browser.

  • The Embedded Browser is used to display all links (that would be normally opened in the external browser) inside the IDE as Editor tabs.

The Embedded Browser in IDE is very new thing and we would like to gather a lot of feedback about it. Should you find some issue then please file a bug report.

Embedded Browser requires 32-bit JDK.

Web Preview for HTML and CSS

  • Embedded Browser (EB) component is used for HTML file preview that is opened in Output area and user can preview changes while editing (simply by saving the file) without jumping between external editor and NetBeans IDE.

  • EB is also used for CSS editor where it replaces previous HTML rendering component, so user can see CSS changes in real-world internet browser.

Note: Both preview can be used only on Windows after downloading Web Preview and Embedded Browser modules from UC Connected Developer

  • Full JIRA support (plugin from update center)

  • Project dashboard with more member and project details, improved search and navigation, easier project sharing

  • Improved instant messenger integration: Online presence, private and group chat with Kenai members, easy to add links to code / files /issues / stack traces to messages

  • Improved issue tracker integration

Download NetBeans IDE

Start developing Ruby on Rails web applications faster with this full-featured IDE, download and install NetBeans here.

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